Monday, February 8, 2010

Malaysia is still young...

Artist's life is tough... It really pisses me off to no end that that appreciation of the arts is pretty much at an all time low. Our f-ed up priorties in profit has pretty been the cause of bad art and archtiecture, things which to be very bloody frank is painful to the eyes.

Anyhow... Feedback pls...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Batik Design for >> Batik Boutique Hotel

A piece of my Batik Design for the Hotel, this project is done by collaborating with some associative. Concept - Native design such as tribal art and also with the feeling of "contemporary". Anyway, the hotel is located somewhere in Padungan, right in front of Great Wall Bridal or Tun Jugah shopping center. I felt kinda happy and proud by looking at it because it just looked almost exactly as my design template, while the inside... I guess it still under renovation...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Someone's Portrait...

Just a quick sketch for yah, cheers!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

"Analogous" Component Types (1st Task in Degree Sem2)

Typography again... Using the digital templates , grids and fills provided to develop these letterforms into a basic proposal specimen as an outcome, the purpose to test the design ideas by configuration of simple contextually appropriate headlines, titles or phrases.

In this project, i decided to play with the shuffle method for my design concept, which means to cut and re-arrange the original picture i use until i got all the alphabet A to Z, however, i been through few steps to get my final outcome, which is using the grid system, edit and take out some unnecessary part and so on. My concept font is called "Jabbawockeez" since i use the picture of it (photo of my own performance which taken during University's Masquerade Party). Jabbawockeez is originally a hip-hop dance crew which attended and performed in America's Got Talent, all of the dancers are masked, they looks mysterious in a way. Whatever it is, that's the concept that i am trying to blend in for my concept font, it portray energetic, naughty, and mysterious, beside that it also symbolized a Jabbawockeez dancer.

Here's the final outcome of the Uppercase and Lowercase, together with the headline that i create based on the original headline i found from the net, just try to use my concept font to play and to create the headline to see whether it practical to read... Well, it is readable...


Sample of headline (beware of JABBAWOCKEEZ)

That's all i want to share for now, was kinda pressure during the class critic session, but anyway, i am happy with the feedback i got from lecturer and classmates. Dear viewer, thanks for viewing and DO correct me if i am wrong. =)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Pesta Raja-Raja 2009@Kuching Waterfront and our Decorated Boat (Kapal Berhias)

So far this is the biggest project i ever had in my life for HARWOOD TIMBER company for the festival called Pesta Raja-Raja 2009, its challenging, interesting and risky, because all of us are trying our best to work smart within the budget given by the company, and the duration of time is 6 days... 6 days to complete everything. But we are enjoy working together under hot sun, and now i got sunburn!!

The Process
The designs is printed out on tapoline(the material that advertising company usually use for the banner, bunting or billboard printing) In order to make the design more striking, we apply artistic touch on it, touch up everything, highlight and remove some unnecessary part.

Artistic touch on Rafflesia

The Rugged Artistic Hornbill head, we called it "Burung Kenyalang Jantan" (the male hornbill) hahaha...

The full body of the boat, an artistic Hornbill figure and Sarawak traditional motif design together with the wording "Sarawak Maju Dalam Malaysia".

Ivan and Libau (refreshment moment)

The satellite

there... Ivan showing his skills

The artistic DUN building (Dewan Undangan Negeri)

Looks 3D huh? hahah.. anyway... its all the tricks

The globe, the scale

Me with the globe and the logo

At the Site, Zecon (under Bintawa Bridge)
Its very hot when working over there, no shelther and no toilet, the boat we using is a fishing boat, the captain is friendly, will find one day go to sea fishing with him and his gang. By the way... The adventure is just started, the designers, the carpentry and the electrical team are doing well in thier own part.

Cutting the wood, hurting fingers and cramped my hands.

The carpentry people from RTM at work, they are very concentrating when they do thier work.

there they are...

Sylvester, Rudy and Petrus are fixing the hornbill's head on to the plywood.

Stapler and stratch...

Mick the electrical person and his team, he call himself "Wireman" during the meeting with Tan Sri. LOL

Fixing the light around the edge of the wording and the motif design.

Installing lights on Artistic Rafflesia

Constructing the design on the boat... Man... its very dangerous without the crane.
But we made it!!
Unfortunately, the crane is busy with other bussiness on the 1st two days, and our working process is very slow when comparing to others, everything is carry by hands!!

The carpentry are making sure that the wood structure is strong enough to support the huge design and also make sure everything is stable.

There... its me touching up the neck of hornbill.

One-sided completed

Rudy, one of the carpentry, friendly person, he likes to fool around with hokkien, muhahahahha...

Finally, the crane from Feima Advertising is here, and the working process is getting fast.


The company logo "HARWOOD TIMBER"

The Wood structure in between.


Petrus and Mick

Well... its almost there, 70% complete

Installing the Artistic Rafflesia

Me with Adenan Haji Abu Kassim, the marketing person in Harwood Timb.

Testing the lighting effect at night, Mick is hyper active when he got the result, guess he is happy with what he had done, hahahaha...

Hmm... Something wrong down there?? May be busy with the sport light adjusment.

Floating on Sarawak River
Its time to say "phew", because everything is done on time!! everyone of us were gather in the boat to maintain the condition, and the ship is ankle in the middle of the river waiting time to pass. Now... The echo sounds system are joining us, installing the speaker and vedio.

Tired... Sleepless pass few days

5pm... We are now moving slowly to Waterfront...


Me with the boat.

View from far

The DUN building and the boat.

The reflection

The night before being dismantle, now is in memory